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jeep yj steel tub

The YJ Jeep, otherwise known as the Wrangler, had a production timeline of eight years between 1987 and 1995. Unveiled in two-door and four-door models, the latter didn’t become widely available until 1991. It distinguishes itself from the TJ model that suceeded it with a body constructed from 14-gauge cold-rolled steel.

The tough build of the Jeep YJ was achieved with a body-on-frame design, which not only strengthened the firewall, doors, and rear quaters, but also offered higher fuel economy than its predecessors due to its lighter construction. This made the off-roading beast even more efficient when conquering difficult terrain.

Offering a wide selection of engine types, the Jeep YJ saw the greatest demand for its 4.2 litre, six-cylinder power plant. Generating 190 horsepower and a substantial 235 ft-lbs of torque, the engine could be coupled with either a five-speed manual or automatic three-speed transmission.

For those seeking a bit more power, the Jeep YJ had a 4.0 liter six-cylinder engine available as an option. This engine was capable of producing 177 horses and offering up 224 ft-lbs of torque for dynamic performance. This engine could be connected to either a five-speed manual transmission or a three-speed automatic one for added convenience.

The YJ model of Jeep featured disk brakes adorning the front axle and drum brakes gracing the back, with the former being larger in measurement. An anti-lock option was also presented for those seeking to raise their driving safety levels.

Measuring 93.4 inches in wheelbase and 151.9 inches in length, the Jeep YJ was a rather imposing figure, broadened by its dimensions of 70.9 inches for width and 67.5 inches in height. It proved to be no lightweight at 2800 pounds.

For greater flexibility and a more comfortable ride, Jeep YJ drivers had the option to equip their vehicle with the Rubicon Express Super-Flex suspension. This widely popular suspension boasted an improved articulation system compared to others.

Not to be outdone by its older sibling (the Dana 60), the Dana 44 front axle of the Jeep YJ boasted impressive strength. Nevertheless, the rear axle still featured the finite grip of a limited slip differential, offering ample leverage in comparison to its front counterpart.

The Jeep YJ could be purchased with a variety of options. The standard option was a vinyl soft top, which was available in a spectrum of colors. An additional upgrade featured a fiberglass hard top, that boasted enthralling colors that could be used to imbue the Jeep with character.

Out of the varying tire options available for the Jeep YJ, the 33-inch size was a favored choice. Not only could it be found in numerous widths, but buyers could also opt for a 35-inch sized tire – if they were content with its restrictions on available widths.

Among the wheel choices accessible for the Jeep YJ, 15-inch was the most beloved. Customers were able to equip the vehicle with a 15-inch wheel presented in an array of different widths. The Jeep YJ also held the option for a 16-inch wheel; however, this wheel came limited in variety of widths.

The interior of the Jeep YJ offered a range of different design choices. The soft comfort of cloth was the most sought after option, with colors to suit a variety of tastes. For those willing to spend a little extra, sumptuous leather seats were also available – albeit in a more limited range of hues.

Jeep YJ owners could spruce up their sound system with a few different audio features. Many favored the classic AM/FM radio, which came as an add-on with a cassette player. However, variants of the Jeep YJ came with a CD selector, albeit only in certain models.

The Jeep YJ offered a selection of lighting choices, the most popular of which were the fog lights, accessible in an assortment of hues. Additionally, the grille was outfitted with headlights embedded within it.

Jeep YJ had several safety gadgets to offer. Headlining these was the seat belt choice in varied hues. Plus, depending on the model chosen, one was able to opt for a set of airbags solely installed on the front seats.

When it comes to storage solutions, the Jeep YJ had plenty to choose from. Being the fan-favorite, the center console came in a rainbow of different colors. Moreover, the limited-edition models featured an additional rear cargo area for extra storing capacity.

For a period of eight years, Jeep produced the YJ. First released in 1987, the final production of the YJ was in 1995. With 1,131,843 vehicles made, the YJ enjoyed a successful run in its lifetime.

Post time: 2023-06-26

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