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Chairman's speech:Great dream, great era!

Tianjin Yuantai Derun group is the brand leader of square tube in China and the leader of square tube industry in China . As the

largest manufacturer and comprehensive service provider of square tube products in China, it is committed to providing excellent

products and services for steel tube users, and is determined to make square tube more widely used in China's economic

development and construction, so that all partners can do simpler business.

We fully implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing, strive to change the traditional business model according to the overall requirements of supply side structural reform, adhere to innovation driven development, actively and comprehensively promote the two core tasks of technological progress and management innovation,and continue to improve under the background of the penetration of industrial Internet and big data in the whole industry in China Digital, information and intelligent level .Release the potential of equipment with technological innovation, reshape the service value with management innovation, promote the adjustment of product structure, and strive to be the leader of industry upgrading.We are actively responding to the national brand strategy, embedding enterprise culture and core values in products and services,and actively joining the global iron and steel industry chain with a more open and inclusive attitude under the initiative of "one belt and one road".We will always adhere to the environmental protection concept of "ecological priority and green development", vigorously develop and promote the application of cleaner production technology, strengthen the efficient recycling of energy resources, improve the level of sustainable development, create a model of green development enterprises, and contribute to improving the ecological environment and building a beautiful China.We are a fast-growing enterprise, an enterprise with constant vitality Based on Tianjin and Tangshan production bases and square tube manufacturing, we will deepen sincere cooperation with upstream and downstream customers and industry colleagues, open up all links of the supply chain, create more industrial value-added benefits, and realize the benefit sharing of the value chain.Yuantai, a hundred years old, is a virtuous people! The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation gives us strong confidence and wisdom . Embarking on the new journey of the great new era, we sincerely look forward to sincere cooperation with all sectors of society, partners and users, and work together to create a better future!

The meaning of logo.    fc6fe6fd

Centennial Yuantai Derun's heart   一一Committed to providing excellent products   and   services for steel pipe users The logo design of the group is based on the principle of "round the sky and  place" which is highly respected in the traditional geomancy of China. The overall design of the outer circle and the inner circle reflects the constant development and progress of Tianjin yuantedrun group while pursuing solid and stable development.

The logo takes the Pinyin of "Yuantai" enterprise name as the center position,the upper and lower straight lines extend horizontally, intersect with the diagonal of the square pattern vertically and horizontally, combine with the outer circle to form a rotating earth, symbolizing the group's wide vision and broad mind. The two square patterns on the inside symbolize the core position of the square tube in the group's strategic layout. The two horizontal lines run through the square and form a triangle shape, which reflects the stable development of the group's.

square tube business.

With letters as the central axis, the whole logo is divided into upper and lower parts .The two triangles in the upper half symbolize two towering peaks, and the horizontal line and letters in the middle represent a running river .The two inverted triangles in the lower half are reflections of mountains in the water Water comes from "Yuan", while mountains and rivers mean "Tai". The connection of mountains and rivers means that the group is solid and enterprising, pursues excellence, builds a hundred year brand, and has a long history. "Yuan" It means water,water is the source of all things, representing wealth "Tai" It means to be on the mountain, keep the profits and keep the peace, and represent the prosperity of the people "De" Including inaction, honesty, modesty,meekness, unquestioning and frugality "Run" Moral to run the body, rich to run the family, take all partners to win-win, share.